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Hope Island S.P.-Mason

Directions from Olympia

  • Heading either north or south through Olympia, Take the exit for Hwy 101/Ocean beaches heading west
  • After passing through the community of Mud Bay, Hwy 101 will appear as an exit heading north to the City of Shelton. Take this exit.
  • Drive about 15 miles until you approach the City of Shelton. Take the first Shelton exit, which gets you on Hwy 3.
  • In approximately 1.5 miles, turn right onto Arcadia Road.  Follow this for about 7 miles east until you must turn.
  • Turn left onto Lynch Rd. In a short distance, you will come to the Arcadia Point Boat Launch.

  • Paddle approximately 1 mile to the south side of the island, where you will find the campground.

IMPORTANT UPDATE: The Carlyon Beach Marina is private and they are very protective of their privacy. They WILL NOT let you use the marina under any circumstance. This is located at the end of Steamboat Island Road. See map below.


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