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Rainbow Falls S.P.

Directions from Chehalis:

  • From Chehalis, turn west on Hwy 6 towards Pe Ell/Raymond.
  • Continue 18 miles on Hwy 6, until you see the exit for Dryad/Rainbow Falls S.P. (Note: you will pass through the park to reach this exit and bridge across the Chehalis River)
  • Turn right off of Hwy 6 onto Chandler Road and across the Chandler Road Bridge.
  • Proceed 0.3 miles until you come to Leudinghaus Road. Turn right.
  • Continue for approximately 0.8 miles until you see the park entrance on the right.

The Chandler Road Bridge, completed in 2010, gives access to Rainbow Falls S.P., and is 12 feet higher than previous bridges washed out by the Chehalis River.

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