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Photos: Beacon Rock S.P.



The campground, now run by the State Park System,  was built by the Civilian Conservation Corps before WWII, giving it a character all its own.

The Main Campground

The campsites in the main campground are mediium-sized, but wooded, shaded, and nicely spaced. They will accomodate tents and smaller self-contained RVs:

Across the highway from the main campground are 5 RV sites (with hookups and showers), and two sites near the marina (not shown). We cannot recommend the RV sites, as they are close to the highway and railroad. The 2 marina sites, while rather plain, are located in the prettiest part of the Park, and are strongly recommended for those who need only moderate privacy during the day.

The Group Camp

space for up to 200 with 2 Adirondack Shelters

The Marina

in my opinion, the prettiest part of the Park by far, with the best views of "the Rock"

Climbing "The Rock"

The Trail is easy enough for people of all ages

the views on the way up are spectacular

My faithful dog Bocachica finally reaches the top

As everyone might expect, the views from the very top are even better than those climbing up:

south view

west view

east view

Hikers should remember that this 5100-acre Park has 20 miles of other hiking trails. Most feel that the views from these trails far excedes those from the top of Beaon Rock itself.

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