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Cape Disappointment S.P.

Cape Disappointment S.P. is part of the Lewis and Clark National Historic Park encompassing SW Washington and NW Oregon. It also has a military past as Fort Canby.

Sites at the entrance line O'Neil Lake. These sites are smaller with less privacy and less vegetation, yet they are among the most popular sites in the Park because of their proximity to Waikiki Beach.

Cabins, yurts, and Hike/Biker sites are also near the entrance.

Waikiki Beach is popular with children and the parents who can watch them easily from one vantage point.

The five "Loops" have more private and wooded campsites closer to the much bigger Benson Beach. They are also set among one-time Sea Rocks (or sea-stacks), which now are on dry land when the building of the North Jetty added 600 acres of land to the Park.

The North Jetty, built 1914-1917, is responsible for shifting sands that laid down much of that land that became the 2-mile Benson Beach.

Benson Beach is framed by North Head Lighthouse (pure white) on the north and Cape Disappointment Lighthouse (black and white) to the south.

The trail system within the Park includes the McKenzie Head Trail, with historical interpetive signs and panoramic ocean views, to the Nort Head Trail leading to the Lighthouse and Bell's View beyond.

The Lewis and Clark Interpretive Center, located within Cape Disappointment S.P., gives a level of history that many overlook...

... whereas nearby Fort Columbia S.P. focuses on the area's military past.

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