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Photos: Columbia Hills S.P.

The Park is divided into 4 Distinct Regions: Horsethief Lake (the campground and swimming/picnic area), Horsethief Butte (for hikers and rock climbers), the Dalles Mountain Ranch (for the nostalgic), and Crawford Oaks (for hikers). First, a view of Horsethief Lake, the campground, and Day Use Area:

The campground has 21 sites: 8 RV sites with hookups; 4 tent sites; 2 platform tent sites, 4 primitive tent sites; 2 hiker/biker sites; and the Teepee site:

Our site:

 Tent Sites 9 and 10:

Tent Sites 11 and 12:

A Platform Tent Site Exterior...

... and Interior.

These sites are primitive, meaning walk-in:

Each has an added wind-break panel:

The Hiker-Biker Sites are held open for those travelling lighter than the rest of us


The park has one 14' diameter Plains Indians style teepee for rent with an astro-turf floor inside. Who said you can't mix primitive camping with modern glamping?

All of the campsites line the outer edge of a huge Day Use Area with a great swimming beach:

Adjacent to the campground and Day Use Area are the petroglyphs surroundng the Temani Pesh-wa Trail. The trail is closed due to vandalism, but many petroglycs are still on display.

Horsethief Butte dominates the landscape, but is an easy hike with great rock climbing:

A view of the campground and Temani Pesh-wa (petroglyph) Trail from Horsethief Butte Trail:

The Dalles Mountain Ranch is a 3,000 acre amalgamation of four old ranches with buildings and machinery on display, as well as hiking trails to Crawford Oaks. The views and rock formations are also exceptional:

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