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Photos: Conconully S.P.

The town of Conconully lies on the land between Conconully Reservoir and Conconully Lake. The State Park lies on Conconully Reservoir.


The main section of the campground resembles an arboretum with many weeping willows and towering pines.

The West Loop contains the cabins and the only pull-through RV sites with 50 amp elecrical hookups.

The pioneer town of Conconully feels like part of the park.

The Conconully General Store is a place where you can on the stoop and eat ice cream cones and talk to the townspeople and other campers.

While the Conconully Reservoir is a squar or rounded shape, Conconully Lake (also a reservoir) is quite narrow and about five miles long. The town rests betweeen the two.

Conconully Lake

Conconully Reservoir

Conconully sits in the middle of the ghost towns of the Okanogan Silver Boom. The primary ghost town --- that of Ruby --- has all but disappeared, except for a plaque, a memorial plaque, and the dynamited hillsides. The main street of the town was once 60' wide and one-half mile long.

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