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Photos: Ike Kinswa S.P.



Ike Kinswa State Park sits on a peninsula where the Cowlitz River and Tilton River Arms of Lake Mayfield join to fill a larger basin behind Mayfield Dam.

The Tilton River Arm

The Cowlitz River Arm

The "Tip" of the Peninsula looking out over the larger portion of Lake Mayfield

Mayfield Dam sits just south of the Lewis County town of Silver Creek

The campsites are organized into 3 Loops plus a Cabin Spur (called Loop C). Loop A (sites 1-41) have full hookups and sit on the prettier Tilton Arm of Lake Mayfield. Loop B (sites 42-73) are also utility sites and sit closer to the Cowlitz River Arm. Loop D (non-utility sites 74-101) sit near the tip of the peninsula.

Site 42

Site 57

Site 68

Site 69

Site 73

Site 101

The Cabin Spur (loop C) sits near the only swimming and boating areas
in the main part of the campground.

The detached Day Use Area sits on the beautiful Tilton River Arm, and includes a swimming area connected to a small island -- but you'll have to share the water with the deer.

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