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Keller Campground

Looking down on the San Poil Arm of Lake Roosevelt from Manilla Creek Road looking west. This road begins just north of Grand Coulee Dam, and is the most direct way to approach the campground from the west.

Keller Campground is tucked away just off Hwy 21, just north of where Manilla Road and Hwy 21 meet. The park is marked only by a small sign that says "campground." It should be approved from the south, as the turn from the north is not possible for most vehicles, especially if they are hauling trailers or boats.

The campssites are open to one another, but lush with excellent shade trees.

The Lake was at its yearly low when we visited. This lends a certain stark beauty of its own at the expense of making swimming more challenging.

A Map of Non-Member Campgrounds in the Colville Indian Reservation

Keller Campground, or "Keller Park," is located between the town of Keller (top, middle of the map), and Keller Ferry Campground (center of the map) to the south.

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