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Long Island Campgrounds Boat-In







There are five campgrounds on Long Island:

- on the SW corner, Pinnacle Rock Campground has 5 sites

-  going north on the west side, Smoky Hollow has 4 sites and...

- ...Sand Spit Campground has 3 sites

-in the center of the Island, Sawlog Campground has 5 sites

-and on the NE tip of the Island, Lewis Campground has 2 sites.

#Most people find Smoky Hollow the most convenient for island access, but I think Pinnacle Rock is the most beautiful#

Old logging roads make up the majority of the 10 miles of hiking trails. Of the Island's 5640 acres, only 270 remain as Old Growth Forest. The feature is the Don Bonker Cedar Grove at the center of the Island.




Most people access Long Island from the Willapa National Wildlife Refuge Headquarters. Here, a 0.5-mile Interpretive Salmon Art Trail is adorned with meta sculptures designed by students of the UW Public Arts Program. The trail commemorates the restoration of a small stream, and the many species that live there.



The Cutthroat Climb takes walkers to a stream where cutthroat salmon begin their fresh water migration.

Leadbetter Point S.P. is part of a detached portion of the Willapa Bay National Wildlife Refuge at the tip of the 30-mile long Long Beach Peninsula. As such, it spans the salt water estuary on the Bay side to the hard sand driving beach on the ocean side.This was my favorite getaway as a teenager, and a place I still visit periodically.




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