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Middle Fork Campground

Sometimes it takes camping at a campground to be able to choose sites wisely. At first glance, they appear very unform; but spend the night and you'll find some differences.

Sites One and Two are a Multiple Sites, or what others might call a Double Sites.

Site Three is a true Group Site. The USFS says it can accomodate 35-40. A more comfortable number might be 12-15. Two sets of steps take campers up to additional tent areas.

It was noticeable to us how the "Cheap Sites" filled up first, and how the campers seemed to occupy every square inch, much to the chagrin of their more tidy neighbors.

It pays to spend the extra dollar or two, and reserve the more private sites, such as #10 and #28

There are at least 4 "unoficcial" sites along the Taylor River that have great privacy and river access.

Other campers have carved small campsites out of the narrow trip of land along the treacherous "hiking loop" across the Taylor River Bridge. We don't recommend camping here under any circumstance, because it dead ends with no turnaround.

Everywhere you turn in this Valley, both on the road, on the Hiking Spur beyond the campground, or in the campground itself, you will find yourself inundated with signs for dozens of hiking trails in the vicinity.

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