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Millersylvania State Park

The campground was built in the 1930s by the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC), and still retains the character of that era:

The Concession Stand at the Beach

The Shelter in the Group Camp

The Bathrooms

Kitchen Shelter No. 3

The age of the campground makes it difficult to maneuver large RVs, so a special loop was built:

Southside sites are wooded and shady...

... but Northside sites get full sun.

The original tent sites retain their wooded, shady character:

There are also many good double sites.

The new Stars of the campground, however, are the five Hollywood-style glamping sites (the Pampered Wilderness), complete with furnished canvas cabins, barbeques, mini fridges, microwaves, wine glasses, gourmet coffee, and mood candles.

Deep Lake

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