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Monte Cristo Hike-In Campground

The first one mile is a hiking trail leading to the "Two Bridges," one of which has been replaced by a large log followed by a short trail that says "Authorized Personnel Only." Ignore the sign -- this is your trail, leading to the second bridge.

There are a few dispersed campsites just beyond Two Bridges...

... and several more on Hap's Hill.

But finally you reach a fork with the campground to the left. This is set on Mine 2 Market Road just above the townsite -- so you'll be camping in "uptown" Monte Cristo

... weirdest ... toilets .... ever ...

Back down to the fork, and head to the right toward the main townsite of Monte Cristo. Cross the big bridge over the South Sauk River, go past the cabin-sized rock, cross the footbridge, and you're there.

Railroad turntables allowed cargo trains to move at right angles through the town.

The Monte Cristo Lodge, the town's largest building, mysteriously burned in 1983, leaving only the foundations and scattered debri.

Dumas Street was clearly the town's main thoroughfare,
and home to the local elite. Now, the forest has closed in.

The oldest part of town was the Concentrator, located at the farthest end of Dumas Street where ore was reduced to silver and gold bullion for easier transport via the Everett & Monte Cristo Railway Company
to the smelter in Everett.

The Hiking Trails called to say, "The mountains are calling."

Even amidst the spectacle of  Old Monte Cristo,
the mountains remain the biggest star.

On the return trip, my dog Bocachica pauses to look at the magnificent South Sauk River and mountains

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