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Lyle Lake/Seep Lakes Campgrounds

The markings to Lyle Lake Campground are unclear; but going north on McManamon Road out of Othello, turn right at the first Public Fishing/Public Hunting signs.

Lyle Lake Campground

T-Shaped Lyle Lake has 3 different arms to attract the fisherfolk.

One of the last Sandhill Herons to leave the desert wetlands during their Spring migration.

Just because we have no showers out here is no reason a dog can't have a good bath.

Herman and Quail Lakes
(a stone's throw from Lyle Lake, both allow walk-in camping)

Herman Lake

Quail Lake

Shiner and Hutchinson Lakes
(no camping within the Columbia National Wildlife Refuge)

Formed by flows of molten lava follwed by Ice Age lakes, the Drumheller Channels and Columbia National Wildlife Refuge reveal a history of geological calamities.

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