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Sheep Creek Campground

Northport was once the site of an important smelter that processed gold. copper, and lead. After its closure in 1921, the town shrunk to a small but cohesive town of just 300.



Some  campsites (particularly those at the end of the loop) are large and private; others are more like a group camp near the shelter and creek.

A Story of a Tiny but Cohesive Community

When Sheep Creek Campground faced permanent closure in 2009 due to budget cuts, the City Council and citizens of Northport adopted the caretaking and management of this idyllic little park. They picked up litter, pruned overgrown bushes and trees, gravelled potholes, cleaned outhouses, painted buildings, repaired roofs, restained the viewing deck, and installed signs. They kept it open until 2011 when the campground received major grant for capital improvements. They then returned management of the Park to the DNR, and the citizens of Northport saved their Fourth of July meeting spot.

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