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Silver Lake Park

Silver Lake park consists of six sections, presented below:
1. Maple Creek Campground with Cascade Cabin (tent and RV camping)
2. Cedar Campground with the remaining cabins (tent/cabin camping only)
3. Park Office, Day Use Areas, and Silver Lake and Lakeside Lodges
4, Black Mountain Forestry Center (interpretive only, no camping)
5. Red Mountain Campground (tent, RV, and equestrian camping)
5. The Group Campground (sorry, no photos)

The Gerdrum House was built by pioneers out of a single cedar tree. Sitting on the
front steps are Phil Cloward and a fellow volunteer, both of whom have decades
of forestry and conservationist stories that will help understand the
logging industry from the forest floor up.

The Gerdrum House is full of interpretive displays, including this 400-year old Noonsack canoe that was found floating on Silver Lake.

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