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Photos: Steamboat Rock S.P.

Looking across the Devil's Punchbowl at "the Rock"

The Sage Loop, Sites 1-50, 301-312. Below are sites 18, 24, and 48.

The Dune Loop, Sites 51-100, 313-326. Below are sites 66, 79, and 85.

The Bay Loop, sites B1-B36. Below are sites B12, B17, and B22.

The trail up "The Rock" is too treacherous for small children or dogs, but most others climb it regularly.

Once on top, the views are spectacular.

Looking down on the playground (playground), and the lagoon (right).

Looking down at the main campground from the top of the Rock.

The north end of the park contains boat-in only sites with views of pinnacle-like islands. A service road allows others to walk to the area.



This is a place where every view is exceptional. "The Rock" has two peaks. These pictures were taken from the southern peak.

The Coulee Dam Observation Rotunda was built on a ridge overlooking the construction site of Grand Coulee to allow local citizens to watch the construction of the dam from a safe distance. It is now part of Steamboat Rock S.P.

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