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Sullivan Lake Campgrounds

If you need directions to the Sullivan Lake Campgrounds, just pull into the magnificent little town of Metalline Falls. EVERYONE here can tell you how to get to their favorite local campground.

The Civilian Conservation Corps had a big part in developing this campground

How many campgrounds have their own Airstrip? Answer: not many.

The Airstrip separates East Sullivan from West Sullivan Campground

East Sullivan Campground lies at the very northestern tip of Lake Sullivan. Far and away, it has the best campsites of the three campgrounds.

Sullivan Lake Group Campground

The threat is real... bears, that is.

West Sullivan Campground

(best beach, best Day Use Area, poorest campsites... but a quick walk from East Sullivan Campground)

Noisy Creek Campground
(best sites for large RVs or wheelchair-bound campers, good beach, has its own group camp, may be the quietest of the bunch... except for that noisy creek)

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