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Photos: Taidnapam Park

Campers entering the Park are first met with an historic replica of a Taidnapam canoe: a nod to the people who occupied this land before us.

The more developed RV loop (sites 1-52), at least where vegetation is concerned, is recommended for those who need privacy and shade.

Walk-In Tent Spur (sites 75-90) includes spacious, heavily wooded campsites, and access to the Taidnapam Park Wetlands Wildlife Refuge.

The Main Group Camp comprises 22 individual sites, 18 of which have full hookups. The down side: all sites are on gravel, like a large parking lot.

The Primitive Group Camp has 12 dispersed sites, has lush vegetation including mature trees. The down side: it is placed behind the busy parking lot of the Day Use Area. When the Swimming Area is operational
(due to lake levels), this can be noisy.

The Fishing Bridge is Taidnapam Park's biggest icon. Yet, it can change season by season according to lake levels. When we camped in Sept. of 2017, lake levels (already at a yearly low) were dropped
by an additional 30 feet.

The "Swimming" and Day Use Areas are on the other end of the tunnel from the Fishing Bridge. Here, we use the word "swimming" loosely, as it was completely dry during our visit.

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