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Photos: Twin Harbors S.P.




Campsites East of Hwy 105

The RV sites are just inside the entrance, but not recommended due to small size and lack of privacy

The Tent/Self-Contained RV sites are more wooded and private, but are subject to road noise. Choose sites that do not border Hwy 105 (see map below).

There are a small number of double sites. These two are adjoining.

Campsites West of Hwy 105

Ironically, the prettiest campsites in the Park are on a primitive road alongside Hwy 105

The Loop closest to the Beach has give cabins and two yurts. The most private tent/self-contained RV sites  are on the outside of the Loop.

Inside the Loop

Outside the Loop

The 22 miles of Beach Trails take up the rest of the Park's 2200 acres:

The Town of Westport

Maritime Museum

Westport Tower


View of Ocean Shores


View of Grays Harbor


View of the Jetty


And finally, remember that having a beach house does not guarantee having good taste

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