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Photos: Rainbow Falls S.P.




The "falls" is actually a ten foot drop in a very beautiful stretch of the Chehalis River. It is not so much for the waterfall watchers as it is soothing and relaxing.


The State Park changed dramatically in the December 3, 2007 floods that extended from PeEll to Centralia, washing out bridges and roads, killing both people and livestock.

The historic Rainbow Falls Footbridge...

... pre-flood...

... and post flood.

The campsites vary from small to large, walk-in to bike-in, individual to group, back-in to ride-iin, and equestrian to hiker-in:



This campground is quite old, and the sites are intended for tent campers and trailers less than 20' in length; larger trailers are not recommended.



The Group Camp can accomodate up to 60 people, but receives some road noise from Leudinghaus Road and the Day Use Area.

The Day Use Area is one of the nicest in the State Park System, with vintage touches from the Civilian Conservation Corps:





Ten miles of old growth forest trails lie at the south end of the park, once connected to the camping area by the footbridge.


The Doty-Dryad area is a producer of high-end artisan cheeses:


Willapa Hills Trail S.P.

(crosses the path of steam locomotives near Chehalis, then crosses restored railroad bridges as it makes its way to Willapa Harbor at South Bend in Pacific County)







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